Do We Really Need to Do RCM?

Reliability Centered Maintenance is a lot of work; it takes time, people, leadership, resources and discipline.  There really has to be an easier way, a shorter processes that one can perform by sitting at a desk, clicking a few buttons on the computer magically creates a maintenance plan that will work for anyone at any plant on any piece of equipment around the world.  It’s really just a matter of time, the problem must be that the right small group of people just has not taken the time to focus an effort on getting this done and as a result a large part of the industrial world continues to sit back and wait for this miracle.

Do we really need to do RCM?

No, not really. 

Unless of course you believe the company you work for has world class reliability, stable demand for your products, is the low cost solution or provider for the products you make and you always deliver your products on time every time.  Let’s not forget your facility should also be world-class in quality and operate without health, safety and environmental incidents and accidents.

If you have all these things in place, you really don’t need to perform Reliability Centered Maintenance.

Do we really need to do RCM?

No, you could always continue on doing things the way they have been done in the past, while this strategy has not yet worked, it certainly doesn’t mean it won’t work next year or sometime in the future.  While Albert Einstein labeled this the definition of insanity, I don’t believe Albert was always right.

While pondering this decision you might of course what to consider one company who firmly believed it might work next time has paid nearly 4 billion in fines and legal fees as a result of incidents and accidents at 2 of their facilities.  While they quickly pondered the need for RCM in 2011, they decided they had neither the time nor resources and are now under the belief that they themselves have been sitting on the knowledge and experience it takes to make RCM faster! 

Do we really need to do RCM?

Consider for a moment that our customers implemented over 83% of the RCM Blitz™ analyses we performed in 2011 and 100% those fully implemented for over three months have provided a return on investment for training, performing and implementing.  Have you ever worked with a process, or project with that record or return on investment?

Do we really need to do RCM?

Consider this, in the last 4 years 87% of our customers tried something different or quicker before making the decision to give RCM Blitz™ a try because they weren’t getting the results they expected.  These companies now understand the difference between assessing “common failure modes” and assessing the failure modes they have actually experienced based on the context and environment in which they operate.

Do we really need to do RCM?

Apparently our clients thing so and for some people in the business of providing RCM training and services this may seem strange; we don’t have any former clients.


People who have successfully performed and implemented RCM Blitz™, continue to use our process, our tools and our services.  They also continue to get results, a return on investment, more reliable assets as well a safer and more environmentally sound work place.

Do we really need to do RCM?

The decisions is yours to make, but if you should decide to do RCM, use RCM Blit™!

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