Every once in a while as a RCM Facilitator you will uncover a serious safety issue while facilitating a RCM analysis; something that makes the entire team uncomfortable, embarrassed or angry. Recently a facilitator I was mentoring asked me how I dealt with such an issue especially when the team members have lost faith in getting the issues resolved.

I have some simple rules when addressing Health, Safety or Environmental failure modes:

1. Take your time and address all probable causes

2. Address the failure mode in a serious tone

3. Assure the team that the issue will be addressed and resolved

4. Once mitigating tasks have been determined, move on

5. Most important – At your management review meeting, discuss these failure modes in front of management and remind them that the RCM analysis is documented proof the failure mode exists and needs to be addressed

Rule 5 is powerful, should the failure actually occur and managers have not acted, the company and managers could be in a very uncomfortable position.

As usual, I am very interested in your thoughts on this issue as well as the others posted on my blog. Please feel free to comment and join the discussion!

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