Nearly thirty years ago I entered into a formal Pipefitter Apprentice Program in Rochester, NY.  At the time I was just looking for a job and the skilled trades had always offered stability, a means to earn an income and start a family.

What I didn’t know at the time was the impact my apprentice training would have on my career.

Over the last thirteen years I have been working with companies around the globe and it saddens me to see the decline in formal skilled trades training programs.  Worse yet is the impact the decline is having on manufacturing companies who offer no formal training to their skilled tradespeople.

I am looking for your individual success stories!  Tell me about where you attended your training, who sponsored the training, and how the training has benefited you and your career.

My plan is to share these individual success stories on my blog with the hopes of opening the eyes of manufacturing leaders across the country!

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4 Responses to Tell Us About Your Apprentice Training!

  1. K Brewer says:

    Started out attending trades school for one year and entering into an apprenticeship as an electrician. After four years received my journeyperson status and worked in the field a few more years before becoming a skilled trades teacher at the high school level. I have been there for the past twelve years and have enjoyed every minute of teaching within the trades.

    • DPlucky says:

      Thanks Ken! And thanks for continuing to pass on your knowledge and experience to the next generation!

      • Gene Falco says:

        I am a graduate of a Process Control/Instrumentation apprenticeship program at Eastman Kodak Company. For me, the training and hands-on experience resulted in a 30 year career in technical support. Being able to support legacy systems as well as learning new technologies are keys to long term success.

        One other benefit of my apprenticeship was learning and living what real team work is. I was lucky enough to work with a group of skilled tradesmen, who shared a common work ethic and a goal keeping our customer’s equipment running in a 24 X 7 X 365 environment. The synergy created when machinists, pipe fitters, electricians, and instrumentation trades truly work together was incredible and an experience that I have shared and emulated at the different stops during my career.

        My apprenticeship provided me with the life skills and knowledge that started me on a career path as a mechanic, designer, engineering technician, project manager and system administrator. I will always be grateful to the company that sponsored me and my friends, who happened to be my co-workers during my apprenticeship.

        • DPlucky says:

          Great to hear from you! My latest crusade is to get the manufacturing companies in this world to understand that quality tradespeople need the training and mentoring that comes with apprentice programs.
          Several years back these programs began to disappear and now we are begining to see the effects that comes from the lack of precision maintenance skills.

          Those of us who started our careers with this advantage and continued our education to advance have been snapped up by the professional world.

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