Every once in a while someone asks me a question that catches me off guard, the kind where you have to stop and think and there is that long uncomfortable pause.

As your brain attempts to quickly sort through its database of answers like a contestant on Jeopardy you still an a mentor want to ensure the answer is one hundred percent correct.

The question was, how do I put a dollar amount on the importance of precision maintenance to our company director?

Just for fun, I want to hear your answers first, tell me “How would you put a dollar amount on the value of precision maintenance?”

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2 Responses to The Value of Precision Maintenance

  1. Ron Garner says:

    The answer to the dollar value of precision maintenance is your entire maintenance budget. Every time you can’t track the wear rate of a component, the actual need to replace something gets murky. If you can’t track how things really wear and fail, your store room is not properly stocked,your min and max levels are off, and you are spending money on the wrong things or at the wrong time.

  2. Jalen says:

    Varma stkrreykamar till dig Elisabeth som kan och orkar dela med dig av din livsglädje. Många tankar går till hela din familj. Kram Malin

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