I’m looking for your opinions on this one, as usual I have my own but I am very interested in what the masses have to say. Someone a few weeks back made the statement that in most cases for critical assets they think they like to use RCM Blitz, “but for something really critical we were thinking of doing a full blown RCM”.

This isn’t the first time I have heard these words, what the person is trying to say is if this is an asset or system where catastrophic failure could result in severe injury, death or environmental impact we want to make sure we use a disciplined methodology because we want to ensure this never happens.

Here are the facts; when it comes to Reliability Centered Maintenance the depth or detail at which a team addresses failure modes has very little to with the methodology you are using a whole lot to do with the facilitator and team you have selected to perform the analysis.  The level of failure mode detail is highly dependent on what the team has been tasked to complete and the level of patience the facilitator and team can endure.

As an example I worked with a very experienced RCM team on a deep water blow out preventer a couple of years ago, that team worked together for nearly six weeks assessing hundreds of failure and even more tasks.  Since that time I have seen two separate analyses from different traditional RCM methodologies and neither of these covered as many failure modes and the both completely missed fifteen of what we listed as our top twenty significant failure modes.

BOPDoes this mean that RCM Blitz is better, more detailed or more strict than the other methodologies used to assess the same piece of equipment?


It simply shows that if you are looking to perform a detailed RCM on a highly critical asset you need to ensure you have a highly qualified facilitator and team working on the analysis.

Full Blown RCM is simply about patience, detail and direction and once again that comes down to Leadership, Structure and Discipline!




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