I have always been told to keep work and politics separate, and for the most part I always have but then I had this crazy dream last night.  I was watching the news as I was falling asleep and growing frustrated by the constant blaming and finger pointing that goes on in Washington D.C.  It’s gotten so bad lately that I believe our elected clowns truly believe that blaming someone else for the problem of the day is acceptable for a day of work.

On with the dream, it starts with someone asking me if I could facilitate a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in Washington D.C. to help determine the causes of why the House and Senate can’t deliver a budget for the federal government.

I know this is no longer a dream; it has shifted and now qualifies as a nightmare.


I am sitting in a conference room with John Boehner and Harry Reid going over the ground rules for a good Root Cause Analysis and letting them know that I not only expect each of them to abide by these rules but as leaders they should expect that each of their party members will as well.

I start with the first rule; when working to discover potential causes it is important the team members and managers not place blame on anyone.

Harry looks at John and then back at me and says “Well it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t be here in the first place, his job in the house is to develop a budget and year after year Congress fails to do so and as a result I have to get involved.”

John looks at me and says, “Well if it were not for him and his cronies, we wouldn’t be in this mess, all they want to do is spend money and you know there is just enough of them that when we do put a budget together they just vote it down anyway.  If I could get them all to skip work on the same day and miss out on a vote or two this problem would fix itself.   Of course the President would have to be sick as well but hey a guy can dream can’t he?”

I look up and say “Guys, the rule was you can’t blame each other and that’s the first thing you did, the process doesn’t work when you look to place blame.  You have to follow these rules, now the second rule is you have work together to look for solutions that will mitigate the causes.”

John speaks up and says, “You know if you would just listen I already suggested a solution, the problem is right across the table from me, if I didn’t have to deal with him and other idiots we wouldn’t have a problem.  If you could just get rid of them for me that would be a solution as sure as night and day.”

Harry Stands, points at John and says “You know, this solution of yours works both ways, if Old John and his pals quit tomorrow I could get this entire mess resolved in less than a day.  He is the problem, look at him, he’s on TV crying about something every other day, I mean actual tears crying not the normal drama queen stuff the rest of us do.”

I jump back in, “Excuse me did either one of you hear anything I said regarding the rules of Root Cause Analysis.

They both turn look at me and in unison say “What is Root Cause Analysis?  We thought we hired you help us fix some of our problems.”

Upon waking up I found myself frustrated and slightly agitated, and then I got to thinking “Ah it was just a dream, no company in their right mind would ever hire one of the idiots…. We might vote for them on occasion but no one would ever be crazy enough to hire one of them.”

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  1. Mark O'Brien says:

    The state of the USA is so critical right now and the slippery slope is getting steeper. I believe Doug when he says he would prefer to leave work and politics separate. Unfortunately, the situation has become so dangerous to our future that everyone that cares about this country must speak up. The more voices that are heard, the greater the impact. We have to take back the USA that “The Greatest Generation” fought and died for.

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