I have to say I get a chuckle each time I see the commercials from the Oil and Gas Company that claims they are committed to America.  If you would like to convince the public of this how about some transparency regarding the number of reportable spills, emissions and your OSHA reportable incident rate over the last few years.  Saying your “committed” to the America and the Gulf States sounds as convincing as a politician running for office saying he is committed to lowering taxes.  Yea, sure you are.

What bothers me more is I know the company must be paying someone a rather large sum of money to help change its image.  Television commercials that run in prime time are not cheap and the best this person or organization can do is plop an upper-level manager in front of a camera and have him tell people we are committed to keeping the Gulf of Mexico clean?


While this message might be true, your company’s actions from the past tell a much different story and the only way to convince people that you are “committed” is with real data, and real information that shows a clear change in your company culture.  Commitment is training your people to identify and understand the failure modes and effects of your critical assets.  Commitment is following your maintenance and operating SOP’s to the letter and being transparent enough to show data that supports the fact that you have changed.

It’s not an opinion survey on a social network, it’s clear hard facts and honest admission of how we worked in the past will no longer be tolerated in the future.

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I am committed to facts that are supported by real data.  Words and promises are for politicians and let’s face it how much of what they say is true?

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