It’s gotten to the point where I have begun to look at the back of my shirt when I take it off at night.  There has to be a sign someplace that says “Send This Man a Survey”!

Maybe I have created my own problem because I have participated in so many in the past.  I was one of those people who thought “this company cares about my opinion, that’s why they sent me a survey.”

The reality is, if someone really cared, they would call their customer and talk to them, or walk out on the manufacturing floor and actually visit with their employees, or walk door to door and see the taxpayer face to face.

Trash Can2

But today we have online surveys, phone surveys, and fill in the dot surveys.  I guess what I miss is an owner, manager or politician who actually cares about people enough that they get up off their back sides and go see someone face to face or pick up the phone and actually talk to people. When someone actually takes the time to call and say; “Hey how did that RCM Facilitation go last week?  Have you begun working on your implementation?  Is there anything we could do to improve our deliverable?”, it gives them a firm belief that you actually care.

When that same person calls back two weeks later and says; “Hey I just want you to know the next time we deliver the training at your site we will work with you to put together some examples using your equipment.” Now you know that they care because they actually changed something based on your request.

While one might be able to get an idea in regard to Customer, Employee, Shareholder or Constituent satisfaction with a survey, the people who made the decision to develop and distribute the survey might be better served to ask themselves; “What am I/we doing that is so wrong that we have become so completely disconnected from the people we manage or serve that we now feel the need to send a survey?”

So, in the end what am I saying?

If you feel the need to send me a survey, the message you really sent was;

  1. We don’t care about you or your business, if we did we would have called your or made a point to come and see you.
  2. Lately we have come to recognize that some of our best customers are have made the decision to apparently use or competitors, I guess we should have stopped in to visit or called more often to see how things were going but now that we have completely screwed that up, what can we do to help stop others from doing the same?
  3. Hey, a bunch of our best people just decided to up and leave, we were wondering if any of the rest of you are as ticked off as they were but rather than call and ask, here is a survey.  Don’t worry about our IT folks tracing the IP address back to your computer it’s completely anonymous.
  4. We don’t really give a crap what you think, but we know nearly all big companies send out surveys and we wanted to make sure we do what the other big companies do.
  5. I have sent this survey out because I want to know if you are Liberal or Conservative, and when I find out the answer I can then send you requests to donate to my campaign!

So do me a favor, if you want to know what I think, call me, pay me a visit, set up a day where we can meet face to face over lunch.  You will be buying of course because you really are interested this time in what I have to say.

From today forward all surveys go where they belong, in the trash! 

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