I really enjoy Maintenance and Reliability Conferences, I know… I’m supposed to call these Asset Management Conferences but I’m old school I guess.  I prefer to manage people and maintain assets.  And,  if one does well with both they should have reliable equipment but I am already off on a tangent.  I enjoy conference because they give me a chance to network with others in the industry and have some good discussions on what companies need to do to keep up with the leaders.

Aging Skilled Trades Work Force a Problem?

At this years UE World/Reliable Asset World conference in Clearwater, Florida four different presenters addressed the issue of the aging skilled trades work force in the United States, Canada and around the world for that matter.  Let’s just say this is a subject I am quite passionate about, I believe this is a real problem today, will be a bigger problem next year and will be a HUGE problem in about 3 years.

I’m not ready to use the word “Crisis” yet because it is so over used these days.  I in fact have a program that now deletes the word as soon as I type it unless I first use the “quotes”.  I did this after I read about the Velveeta Cheese “Crisis” that was going on just before the 2014 Super Bowl.  A cheese “crisis” really??

Lacking Generation of Skilled Trades People

As part of a presentation that pointed out the present and impending skilled trades shortage in North America and around the world one presenter asked the question; Why Did The Baby Boomers Insist Their Children Get a 4 Year Degree? By doing this they created a generation that lacks skilled trades people.  I think this is a valid question and of course having been a skilled trades person I have my own views on this question but before I provide my rant, I am interested in hearing what some of the 150,000 plus people who have read my blog might have to say on the subject.  



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