At a conference last month someone approached me and asked how he could determine if his companies RCM programs was successful.  I quickly listed out the seven items below and as it turned out he stated that they only satisfied only one of the items on the list.

The reality is a successful RCM program is a serious commitment in time, resources and money so make sure before you get started your provider has a proven history of not only providing training and analysis but more important a successful history of companies who have implemented and experienced a return on investment for their efforts.

Strong RCM

Below is my list of the 7 signs of a healthy RCM program;

  1. You use a proven structured process based on asset criticality, reliability measures, equipment performance and health, safety and environmental consequences to select assets for RCM analysis.
  2. You use a cross-functional team of experts along with a certified RCM Facilitator to perform your analyses.
  3. The RCM team provides an accurate estimate of the time it will take to complete the analysis and a RCM charter that clearly states goals and deliverables.
  4. Your RCM team begins implementing the RCM tasks immediately following the completion of the analysis or even during the analysis.  Each task is assigned to a specific person and is given due date for completion.
  5. Within a single department, you begin working on identifying the next candidate for RCM immediately following the completion of your last RCM but do not begin the analysis until 80% of the previous analysis tasks have been implemented.
  6. Within 3 months of implementing each analysis and performing the RCM tasks, maintenance costs for the asset begin a downward trend, reliability measures begin to improve for the asset and there is a noticeable change in equipment condition and performance.
  7. Within 1 year of completing each RCM analysis your RCM team is able to show a return on investment for the cost of training, analysis and implementation.

If your company in not experiencing all 7 of these signs of a successful RCM program you should take a second look at the methodology your using and contact Allied Reliability Group to talk with some of our customers who know what it takes to have a successful RCM program.

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