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Things I Learned by 50!

On May 27, 2014 By

Old is relative.

I can remember thinking my dad was old when he turned 50. While I might look old to my kids I don’t feel old. When I look in the mirror each morning I still see the person I saw yesterday and he doesn’t look any older than he did the day before.


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I really enjoy Maintenance and Reliability Conferences, I know… I’m supposed to call these Asset Management Conferences but I’m old school I guess.  I prefer to manage people and maintain assets.  And,  if one does well with both they should have reliable equipment but I am already off on a tangent.  I enjoy conference because […]

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What’s Your Excuse?

On March 10, 2014 By

One of the most challenging aspects of being a consultant is addressing the musings of those who have accepted defeat.

With a smile of course; and friendly reassurance that you have in fact worked with companies who were worse off and with some training, confidence and a sound business plan they were able to turn […]

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Do You Have A Screw Loose?

On February 27, 2014 By

If you’re someone who has been reading my blog posts the last several years I believe it is quite evident that I love facilitating RCM events.  While there are several reasons for this they all boil down to the fact that I enjoy working with the maintenance and operations people and showing them how they […]

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Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill will visit MCC (Monroe Community College) tomorrow as part of an initiative to improve the American workforce.  Apparently some of the folks who live and work in Washington D.C. have gotten the message/idea that our Skilled Trades workforce isn’t what it used to be.  A message that […]

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Full Blown RCM?

On June 19, 2013 By

I’m looking for your opinions on this one, as usual I have my own but I am very interested in what the masses have to say. Someone a few weeks back made the statement that in most cases for critical assets they think they like to use RCM Blitz, “but for something really critical we […]

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Each year, I work with a handful of customers who are interested in starting an RCM effort. Some are corporate roll outs and other times the effort starts at a single site.  Out of this handful of customers, I always have one or two who are giving Reliability Centered Maintenance […]

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Those famous words from Apollo 13 Pilot Jack Swigert, while actually misquoted, still apply to so many things today that they have become a very common phrase.  I used the phrase recently with a customer who was looking to optimize both the frequency of his proactive maintenance tasks and his spare parts. […]

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“Times change Doug, and quite frankly most people don’t like change.”  This is what lots of people tell me when I grump and grumble about any task that takes me away from what I perceive to be my job.   In my simple view of the world my job is to please our customers so they […]

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My wife is a teacher and has been for nearly thirty-three years and along with being a fantastic Wife, Mother and Grand Mother becoming a teacher was her childhood dream.  Tonight the curtain on what has been a dream fulfilled begins to close and I’m sad to say I will miss the final performance of […]

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