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Continuing the series that started with maintenance technicians and supervisors, if you are new to the position of Operations Supervisor, what are some of the things you can begin working on immediately to improve reliability within the area you work?

1. Learn Your Process – The first thing someone is going to tell […]

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My wife, children, family and close friends know that I am an emotional person.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and when I care about someone or something I do so with a passion that can sometimes be seen as a flaw because I say what is on my mind.

What is on my […]

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A quote from a maintenance manager I talked to at the IMC Conference today; “My boss wonders why our maintenance organization continues to make the same mistakes and when I tell him that I only one person in our maintenance organization that consists of over 150 people who completed certified apprentice program and this […]

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Very early in my career in maintenance I worked as a Pipefitter in a chemical plant where part of my duties included cleaning plugged process piping and condensers.  The process of cleaning this equipment  known as liqua-blasting uses high pressure water fed through either a hose or wand equipped with cutting nozzles that would break […]

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I spent some time this morning talking to an old friend on the phone.  I met this guy several years ago when I first got started in the business of providing RCM training and services and a couple of years ago he moved on to a new company and as a maintenance and engineering […]

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The Value of Precision Maintenance

On September 26, 2012 By

Every once in a while someone asks me a question that catches me off guard, the kind where you have to stop and think and there is that long uncomfortable pause.

As your brain attempts to quickly sort through its database of answers like a contestant on Jeopardy you still an a mentor want to ensure the […]

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“While this makes a lot of sense, THEY won’t do it.”

“We talk about doing a lot of things but THEY never follow through.”

“You really need to understand our CULTURE here, THEY read about stuff like this and even see it presented at conferences but THEY refuse to change the CULTURE so it won’t […]

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Murphy’s Law

On March 8, 2012 By

I have spent the better part of the last fifteen years of my life working with some of the best companies in the world helping them to understand failures, how failures occur,looking for ways to detect, reduce and eliminate failures.   One of the first things I learned in performing Continue Reading

The Definition of Insanity???

On February 21, 2012 By

One of the basic concepts of understanding equipment reliability is the Potential Failure Curve (P-F Curve) and several years ago I added some additional slides and graphics to my P-F Curve module to help people better understand the importance of a sound maintenance strategy.

I once again woke […]

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Do we really need to do RCM?

On December 27, 2011 By

Do We Really Need to Do RCM?

Reliability Centered Maintenance is a lot of work; it takes time, people, leadership, resources and discipline.  There really has to be an easier way, a shorter processes that one can perform by sitting at a desk, clicking a […]

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