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At a conference last month someone approached me and asked how he could determine if his companies RCM programs was successful.  I quickly listed out the seven items below and as it turned out he stated that they only satisfied only one of the items on the list.

The reality is a successful RCM […]

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And The Survey Says!!!

On May 9, 2014 By

It’s gotten to the point where I have begun to look at the back of my shirt when I take it off at night.  There has to be a sign someplace that says “Send This Man a Survey”!

Maybe I have created my own problem because I have participated in so many in the past.  […]

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Operating Context

In the world of operations, maintenance and reliability engineering it’s a term that’s thrown around quite a bit.  I used it a while back in a blog post stating that the failure modes that have the most significant impact on asset reliability are those that result from the context, environment and culture in […]

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Full Blown RCM?

On June 19, 2013 By

I’m looking for your opinions on this one, as usual I have my own but I am very interested in what the masses have to say. Someone a few weeks back made the statement that in most cases for critical assets they think they like to use RCM Blitz, “but for something really critical we […]

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Several weeks ago a customer I worked with back in 2005 called me to ask some questions about a specific Root Cause Analysis process they were using as well as the facilitator they were working with.  While I was familiar with the RCA process they were using I admitted to them I had […]

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“While this makes a lot of sense, THEY won’t do it.”

“We talk about doing a lot of things but THEY never follow through.”

“You really need to understand our CULTURE here, THEY read about stuff like this and even see it presented at conferences but THEY refuse to change the CULTURE so it won’t […]

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Feeling the Heat!!!

On July 9, 2012 By

With the recent heat wave that has its grip on the Eastern 2/3 of the United States a large part of our population is learning very quickly what terms reliability and maintenance are all about.  While I would prefer we learn about these terms and the consequences of being unreliable as a result […]

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Dealing With Safety

On July 6, 2012 By

Every once in a while as a RCM Facilitator you will uncover a serious safety issue while facilitating a RCM analysis; something that makes the entire team uncomfortable, embarrassed or angry. Recently a facilitator I was mentoring asked me how I dealt with such an issue especially when the team members […]

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A customer who is relatively new the concept of RCM Blitz™ recently had a discussion with one of our facilitators regarding the PM’s and Failure Finding tasks that come from performing a RCM analysis. Having recently completed the implementation portion of the process he was excited to audit the last quarters […]

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Selecting RCM Facilitators

On March 22, 2012 By

The people you select as your RCM facilitators will play a key role in the success of your RCM program.  The RCM facilitators will have responsibilities in helping to select the equipment you choose to analyze, the depth or level or your analysis, and who will participate in the analysis. The selection of […]

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