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“While this makes a lot of sense, THEY won’t do it.”

“We talk about doing a lot of things but THEY never follow through.”

“You really need to understand our CULTURE here, THEY read about stuff like this and even see it presented at conferences but THEY refuse to change the CULTURE so it won’t […]

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Feeling the Heat!!!

On July 9, 2012 By

With the recent heat wave that has its grip on the Eastern 2/3 of the United States a large part of our population is learning very quickly what terms reliability and maintenance are all about.  While I would prefer we learn about these terms and the consequences of being unreliable as a result […]

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The Definition of Insanity???

On February 21, 2012 By

One of the basic concepts of understanding equipment reliability is the Potential Failure Curve (P-F Curve) and several years ago I added some additional slides and graphics to my P-F Curve module to help people better understand the importance of a sound maintenance strategy.

I once again woke […]

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One of our customers who is thinking about setting up a RCM Blitz™ Facilitator training class asked me what makes someone a good RCM facilitator?  What type of experience should he/she have and what are some the qualities we should look for in selecting these people?

Thinking about the answer, an interesting thought […]

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Reliability Centered Everything???

On September 8, 2011 By

I get mad at Stan Nowlan and Howard Heap from time to time. Fifteen years ago their work titled Reliability Centered Maintenance became the focus of my life when I first discovered the impact that RCM could have on manufacturing reliability. Since that time, I have authored somewhere around twenty articles on the subject, been […]

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Scoring Your RCM Effort

On September 8, 2011 By

In the early years of providing RCM Blitz™ services for companies I was often challenged in regard to the validity of the RCM Blitz™ process and my experience as a RCM facilitator.  I always felt the best way to answer these questions was to provide information that detailed a […]

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Great RCM Moments

On August 11, 2011 By

In almost every RCM analysis I facilitate there comes a moment in time when you see someone on the team come to realization that this RCM process is going to make a difference. The best part about facilitating the process is you get to be a witness to that moment […]

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RCM Facilitation – Hire and Expert or Develop Your Own People?  

Expert dependant RCM is heavily dependent on external, expert level RCM Blitz™ practitioner.  Your RCM practitioner will work closely with a lead manager from your company to help select assets for analysis, schedule […]

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Tip Number 3 is all about training….

Training – Managers, Facilitators, Participants – Successful RCM is all about having the right people trained at the correct levels.  We have always preferred starting each RCM event with our management overview training.  This course is intended for operations, maintenance, engineering, and corporate management; this training […]

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This will be the first of a series of 10 blogs that I will post on this subject.  The idea came about through a recent discussion with a new client who is in the planning stages of starting a corporate wide RCM initiative.

Start with a proven consultant

Almost every […]

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