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One of our customers who is thinking about setting up a RCM Blitz™ Facilitator training class asked me what makes someone a good RCM facilitator?  What type of experience should he/she have and what are some the qualities we should look for in selecting these people?

Thinking about the answer, an interesting thought […]

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Scoring Your RCM Effort

On September 8, 2011 By

In the early years of providing RCM Blitz™ services for companies I was often challenged in regard to the validity of the RCM Blitz™ process and my experience as a RCM facilitator.  I always felt the best way to answer these questions was to provide information that detailed a […]

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Searching for RCM Answers

On August 15, 2011 By

I’m beginning to have a love/hate relationship with the internet. The technology that allowed me to launch a business and build a brand name for RCM Blitz™ has in recent years become a place where there is so much information it has become difficult for people to find good information.


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Great RCM Moments

On August 11, 2011 By

In almost every RCM analysis I facilitate there comes a moment in time when you see someone on the team come to realization that this RCM process is going to make a difference. The best part about facilitating the process is you get to be a witness to that moment […]

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Tip Number 3 is all about training….

Training – Managers, Facilitators, Participants – Successful RCM is all about having the right people trained at the correct levels.  We have always preferred starting each RCM event with our management overview training.  This course is intended for operations, maintenance, engineering, and corporate management; this training […]

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For each RCM Blitz™ analysis we provide at a company site we begin the effort with a four hour participant training session where we train the team in the concepts and terms used in the facilitation process.  Immediately following the training session we begin the RCM facilitation on the asset they […]

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My Wish and My Gift, For the New Year

When the holiday season rolls around each year I often find myself looking back on the events of the past twelve months and try to think of how we all could work to […]

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Scoring Your RCM Effort

On November 17, 2010 By

Like it or not we live in a society where we like to keep score. The score provides feedback; it gives those who are not involved information on the progress or success of those who are involved. The score can be delivered in an endless number of formats, the price of your company stock, net […]

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Getting Ready for RCM

On October 29, 2010 By

As a Manufacturing Reliability Consultant, I am often asked by clients “How do we make sure our RCM program doesn’t become the program of the month”?  I always give the same answer, a proven formula that has worked well for many clients:

Plan – Measure – Train – Perform – Implement – Communicate

Follow this […]

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As I work with manufacturing clients who have made the decision to train and mentor RCM facilitators, I often hear these words: “This RCM stuff is real good, it makes so much sense, but it won’t work here.  Our management likes to spend money on things like this so they can […]

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